The Session Inspector is accessible from the Dashboard by clicking a Session item. This page provides all the tools to pinpoint possible problems like network issues, anti-bot mechanisms, or asynchronous events resulting in mismatches of selectors.

Session Replay and Metrics

A replay of the Session is featured in the top left corner. This replay is a capture of the webpage, not a video, and can be inspected with your Chrome DevTools.

Key metrics for the session are listed in the top right corner. Here are some key takeaways:

  • A high usage of memory or CPUs might result in longer runs and more billed minutes. Look at the logs or open a Live Session URL to pinpoint the root issue.
  • In case of high Proxy bandwidth usage, inspect the network requests using the Timeline described below.

Timeline: network, actions and console logs

The Timeline view makes it easy to inspect the actions performed (ex: select or click on an element) and network requests, page by page:

The Timeline also features logs emitted by the Web Console API (ex: console.log()), making debugging remote Sessions as easy as using your Browser.


The Logs tab features the raw Chrome DevTools Protocol logs. The raw logs are rich, spanning over 2 main families of events:

  • Browser events (Page, DOM), describing in detail any actions and updates performed during Session
  • Network events

Logs can also be retrieved using the Session API for automated processing.